Development Team Lead

Denver, Colorado, United States | Full-time


Primary responsibilities:

  • Provide technical direction and developer support to the rest of your team
  • Facilitate communication of requirements, scoping, and design decisions between development, design, and business teams
  • Facilitate scheduling and completion of emergent and high priority work
  • Participate in product roadmapping and long term planning for your project
  • Develop tools and practices that will increase the efficiency of your team
  • Software development


The Development Team Lead position is a technical leadership position that combines regular software development and team facilitation.


The number one priority of the Development Team Lead is to make sure all of the developers on their team are unblocked and able to work efficiently on their assigned tasks. This requires theDevelopment Team Lead to keep tabs on all in-progress work for their team and recognize when to step in and provide guidance or direction, even if the developers on their team have not yet identified that it is needed.


In addition to making sure development work is unblocked, the Team Lead is also responsible for making sure that new code is being written and architected according to the standards and overall technical plan fitting with that team. This can include scheduling or leading technical design meetings to come up with development plans for stories and reviewing code for in-progress and completed stories.


Development Team Leads are also the chief point of contact on their team for changes in team priorities.Development Team Leads are expected to meet with the business team regularly and discuss changes in priority, including discussing the tradeoffs of priority changes and pushing back as appropriate. Team Leads also need to identify technical improvement work related to the project and feature development and facilitate balancing such improvements with ongoing feature development work. Lastly, Development Team Leads need to stay on top of emergent work for the team, and facilitate working that into the development schedule in an efficient and minimally disruptive way.

It is the expectation that a Development Team Lead will continue to take part in regular development work in addition to the responsibilities listed above. For details on the software development portion of this role, we encourage you to read our Software Developer job posting.


Key skills for this role:

  • Time management and prioritization
  • Delegation
  • Technical expertise in web development and architecture, particularly in the tech stack of your team
  • Collaboration
  • Ability to balance technical and non-technical goals and make pragmatic tradeoffs
  • All of the skills in the Software Developer job posting

Our interview Process:

  1. Phone interview with COO and two developers.
  2. Take-home programming exercise
  3. In-person interview at our Denver office


This job is permanent. We are not interested in contractors or moonlighters.

Campspot is not currently sponsoring H1B Visas.